A great majority of the energy we need today in the energy age is electrical energy. Our company, which realizes the production of transformers used in the transmission and distribution of electricity energy, is advancing to the position of leading company in the sector by evaluating the energy sources in an efficient and environmentally sensitive manner and increasing the investments with the aim of providing the highest contribution to the country and world prosperity day by day.

We are with you for all kinds of support with our young, gul-faced, fast and dynamic sales team.

Our firm which focuses on customer satisfaction is based on quality as a priority target in production and service.

To this end, all processes of production are controlled at every stage by our experienced and professional quality control team. Our company has many management systems including TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 14001, TS EN ISO 17025 and OHSAS 18001. It is ensured that the production is completed in accordance with the relevant project and quality management systems and the related nonconformities are corrected by applying corrective and preventive activities. All processes are recorded and followed up. By examining the data obtained in the processes, kaizen studies are carried out in the required processes.

Customer feedback is carefully assessed by our customer service department in consideration of customer satisfaction and the service team is scheduled to serve 24/7.

Our company, which attaches great importance to worker health and work safety, regularly provides training to its employees every week and receives support from related specialist organizations when necessary.