Astor Energy knows that quality and success pass through a strong human resources policy. Our vision is to educate individuals who are well trained, self-confident, open to innovations, team-oriented, working towards our goals and common values, which form the basis of our human resources policy.

The happiness of our employees is very important for our company. Our company is aiming to be among the best in its sector with educational opportunities if necessary. All our employees intend to work in a peaceful and happy environment with our service capability, performance-based compensation policy and social security.

Please send your resume to to be evaluated in the open positions of our company.


Our company provides the necessary Occupational Health and Job Safety training according to the position of the new employee to be employed. It is also organized by the HR within the framework of a specific training program when the staff’s development is followed, if needed. Our seminars and trainings are given to our 44-person training hall.

Internship Program

Students who want to do compulsory internship in our company from related departments of industrial vocational high school should send their applications for internship to together with their resume CVs. The applications will be assessed and, if positive, the HR will be contacted by the trainee candidate.